Handmade Jewellery by DaisyQ Design

by Inna Kay

Handmade Jewellery by DaisyQ Design

A collaborative project with handmade jewellery designer DaisyQ Design.

I have recently had the opportunity to work with a new upcomin­­­g handmade jewellery designer in Malta. DaisyQ Design by Margarita has some exquisite items in her Collection 2018 and the Luxury Collection 2018.

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Handmade jewellery by Margarita

Ever since the first time I had the opportunity to see Margarita’s products, I was amazed as to how one person could have possibly created such beautiful pieces by hand. It was not only the combination of colours and textures that caught my eye, but the amount of detail that was put into the creation of every single piece.

Margarita Petersone, who is the talented designer behind DaisyQ Design, had first entered the fashion industry 7 years ago. Her journey began as a makeup artist, but she soon realized her interest and passion was towards creating handmade jewellery. It was at this moment when she realised that it was time to make her dream a reality.

Jewellery making has been something that fascinated her since she was a child and after finishing her courses as a makeup artist/stylist in Latvia, her passion towards colour matching and experimenting with different looks, led her towards handmade jewellery. Jewellery is her way of transferring a simple look into something bright, unusual and unique.

Margarita completed several beading technique courses in Malta with Valerie Inglott Cauchi, and became an official certified handmade jewellery making artist. Today, she is always looking into developing both her passion and technique with several different masters across the world. This allows her to reach new heights and expand her know-how, as well as give more options to turn her creative vision into beautiful pieces.

Although her primary focus is tassel earrings and wedding hair accessories, she does, however, step out of her main target and creates some stunning pieces which are entirely different. All her creations are made of top quality materials, such as Swarovski pearls and crystals, freshwater pearls, Japanese and Czech seed beads, Bead Smith Wire, Gemstones and many more. She makes sure to constantly keep up to date with not only the techniques that she may learn and use in her jewellery making, but also searches for the best materials that will not only look great on the final product but will leave her clients happy with the quality of her pieces.

DaisyQ Design has quite a variety to choose from, regardless the occasion you may want to wear the pieces to. Nowadays, getting our hands on items is not that much of an issue. There is pretty much everything out there if you look hard enough. However, sometimes regardless how many items you look through and no matter how big of a variety you may have to choose from, none of the items hit the spot quite the way you may want them to.

Pieces by DaisyQ Design, all have the perfect combination of technique and creativity, which make them pretty unique even in a world where one can find just about anything. Being an artist and a creative person, Margarita does not only create beautiful one of a kind pieces from her vision, but can also custom make handmade jewellery to specifically suit you and the occasion you aim to wear these pieces for.

Margarita does not simply create jewellery. If you take a look at her social media profile on Instagram, you will see that she puts all her knowledge from all the fields she has had experience in, to great use. She does not only focus on handmade jewellery, but also shares her knowledge with her audience in terms of styling, mainly focusing on texture and colours. It is always interesting to not only have a beautiful product, but to truly feel the depth of thought that was placed in creating that piece.

I have no doubt that DaisyQ Design has a very bright future ahead. Margarita, even though she has dedicated a lot of time into the practice and improvement of her technique, she is just beginning a journey and will continue to amaze us with her creations.

For all you lovely readers, if you wish take a closer look at the items, you may view them on DaisyQ Design’s online store.

Would you like to buy handmade jewellery by DaisyQ Design at a discount?

Just use the code INNAK at checkout and receive a 10% discount 😉

Thank you for reading 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post!

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