Our Reality: Society divided

by Inna Kay

Society divided

Our Reality: Accepting to walk blindly away from the truth Part 2

Society divided is Part 2 of Our Reality: Accepting to walk blindly away from the truth – Is a continuation from the Part 1 article The Individual in Society. This article focuses on the social structures that exist in Society.

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This is a topic I’ve been wanting to write even before I started blogging, only back then I kept this to myself but over the years it seems to have become more evident. It’s a pretty broad topic which actually comes down to a few basic principles, so I will begin by simply throwing this statement out there; it is truly disappointing to see that we, as humans, are choosing to concentrate our attention on distractions which are intentionally placed in front of us, solely to make sure we are all kept in check and our minds don’t linger into the depths of reality.

Take a look at people from all over the world. Each one believing and living by the rules that were taught to them in their families, schools, religious circles, community, and so on. Each living day in and day out, with certainty that their truth is the real truth. Every religion preaching that its words are the real truth. Each political party trying to sell their ideology as the way forward. In all this mess there are 2 things that come to mind; No truth and total division.

Truth in its essence is singular. There must be one single truth that brings together all these different views and opinions. Imagine truth being a picture puzzle of a thousand pieces, and every social institution is just one of those pieces. When all the pieces are looked at together, without personal judgement, you can get a glimpse of the final picture, but when you just stare at one piece, you are only seeing a tiny part of the bigger picture.

Content of the following blog post will cover the following topics

Society divided


The governments do a great job at making sure that the journey of an average citizen resembles less of a path and more of a constant uphill crawl. If you think about it, the structure we are surrounded by has people surviving rather than living. Even if you are lucky enough to get paid doing the job you love, you get bombarded with never ending taxes and loans. You spend your time working and then what you earn disappears into the system and during this uphill crawl we are told that we should follow our dreams and be blessed with what we have. Certainly, some are more blessed than others, but at end the majority don’t see the uphill struggle, but rather give gratitude when a rock doesn’t go flying at them from the hilltop. People shouldn’t be on that hill to begin with, and yet we are.

Many Greek philosophers dedicated some of their work towards analyzing government and leadership structures. These structures are the ones that governments use in today’s societies and deserve to be looked at. Plato (428/427 or 424/423 BC to 348/347 BC) and Aristotle (384 BC to 322 BC), amongst others, did not only amaze the people of their time, but their works still remain valid today. Although philosophers had many different fields of knowledge they focused on, many also found the time to look into the subject of the individual and the meaning of life, covering the topic of leadership structure and society.

Aristotle’s work on the Forms of Government give a pretty clear view of the types of governments we have today. These forms were divided into three types and each has an opposite polarity.

  1. The rule of one: Monarchy (the rule by One) vs. Tyranny (the rule for One)
  2. The rule of a few: Aristocracy (the rule by the Best) vs. Oligarchy (the rule for the Few)
  3. The rule by many: Democracy (the rule for the interest of the Rulers) vs. Polity (the rule for the Common Interest)


Polity was seen as the rarest type of government structure in the ancient Greek times as it is today. It is one where the power belongs to the middle class and the leadership would work towards the common interest of all. The middle class would be the best suited to set regulations for the common goal, as they would give balance between the lower and upper class. This would allow compromises between classes by giving everyone a voice. The perverted and corrupt type of governance would lead Polity to become a Democracy.

Today we can see the range of the 5 types and just like in Aristotle’s time, a rare touch of Polity in countries like Iceland. This system works perfectly for them, a nation of about 334,000 people, however I think it has less to do with size and more to do with the people knowing that all their citizens would be better off if everyone wasn’t greedily taking pieces of the cake, but rather would work as a united front for the betterment of each individual and the nation as a whole.

Take the example of what followed the revelation of the Panama Papers, when Iceland’s prime minister, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson was amongst many others who had an offshore bank account. The people made the prime minister step down and some even added that although they are glad to have him step down from his position, they are far from satisfied, as they wish for the dissolution of the government all together. Iceland certainly seems to be ten steps ahead of the majority of other nations.

Governments are the puppet masters of today’s society. They are the ones who use these structures to control society, and the society allows it. In politics no one even tries to hide the truth, it’s just hard to understand how people are still buying into it. A person is elected and given power over an entire nation, to pretty much do as they please because let’s be honest, who is going to stop them. Their time in power is limited so they will obviously make the most of it by making the most of it for themselves. Others will follow alike, because time for the free spread is also limited. And society seems to never learn, so they continue this circle by electing another Bob off the streets and handing the keys of an entire nation, and the circle continues.

I just have one thought in mind about this, why does society act like sheep following a goat into a slaughterhouse? Because that’s what sheep do, they follow a goat, the goat gets put aside and the sheep get slaughtered. Why does society think they can’t make a better job at running a country without crowing one person and handing over the keys? Believe it or not but there are countries that have their people deciding the future, and not someone who says he or she speaks for the people.

Following politics comes, as what I refer to as the ruler time or “let’s measure whose is longer”. The Bob off the street gets handed over keys to a nation, but that’s not enough for that ego, so let’s turn towards war. Funnily enough, the one in power is not present at the battlefield. The ones who order wars are comfortable in their chairs and send their own people into a battlefield they themselves created, with a cold voice saying, “make your country proud”. No country is worth your life, be it your own country or another. Your country is meant to protect you, starting with those that run the nation. Most nations don’t even understand that their main problem are those that are given all the power over their nation. Society does not understand that the problems in their nation root from the society choosing to do the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result. They repeat the cycle because deep down, it is ingrained into every individual that this is the way it was done and therefore shall be done in the future, otherwise we would all be lost.

If you’d like to take a quick view and as an observer, on how pathetic division within society looks like, watch a few episodes of Who Is America. Apart from Sacha Baron Cohen the main actor, all the others are real people, some of which are officials. For those thinking this is all staged and a PR stunt, after watching the episodes you will notice that this is closer to career suicide rather than a publicity ploy. I honestly have nothing against America, and keep in mind that what you see in the episodes doesn’t only apply to America. It happens everywhere in every country, within any society that is divided. I am not referring to all the actual details of the episodes, but I am referring to just how obscene it all looks. This show clearly shows how far people are willing to go without even questioning their actions or the commands that are given to them. It also gives the crystal image of what successful brainwashing looks like.

I don’t have a political party I side with. To me they are equally damaging to society as they act as a disguise to the real picture which those in power want people to be blinded by. It is frightening to see just how far people, both ordinary citizens as well as public figures, will go to feed their ego. Whether they truly believe in what they say and do or whether it’s all done to increase their popularity amongst the public, both are ego driven. Which once again leaves those who have control, to allow their ego to grow larger and larger with every person that follows their ego driven empty words.

There has been a mention that the world is headed towards a One World order. It is believed that the entire world and all the governments are run by a small group of people who have had a long-term plan into creating a One World order. From the one hand, the idea could be sold by those in power that it would bring peace and equality to all, however in reality in would be all corners of the planet fenced in one big control structure. Those in power have a unique ability to turn something that could be so positive and life changing for all, into something negative and ugly. Something that would benefit them in exchange for the suffering of the masses. Making the richer rich, the poorer more poor and all in the name of their ego.
A One World order would certainly be an amazing thing, if it wasn’t created for ultimate control. This structure has the potential to bring humanity to a new reality, except those in power will remain with the mentality of the old structure bringing their ego centered views and will once again do what they do best and take something that can be incredible and turn it into something devastating.


Schools are meant to teach and nurture the youth, not turn them into soldiers who are not allowed to think for themselves. Today schools seem to be more concerned with looking better than the other schools rather than focusing on the actual education. Their concerns are around whether the hairband is dark blue or black and making sure a specific type of copybook is bought, so not even one of the kids stands out from the rest. It’s all about how everything looks. Schools find new ways in not only making kids become little robots but even to raise the expenses for parents, as though the brand of the pen the child will use will affect the amount of knowledge they will receive. This automatically teaches kids from a very young age that the colour of your headband along with the brand of the copybook you have will ultimately be the deciding factors to which social box you belong to. Schools should be finding ways to make education enjoyable and encourage self discovery for children and not make them feel like they are not good enough.

In my first school our parents even had to buy us books every year, with the understanding that we all need to have our own copies. Truth be told, we only used those books for one year and it was hard to resell them because newer editions with just a few new added pages were published the following year which meant that we were stuck with books we would never need again. In my high school, all books were supplied by the school. On the first day of the school year, each grade would head to the library with a list of books we needed for our chosen subjects, which we checked out using our library cards. Any information we needed to copy we could scan or make photocopies of and at the end of the scholastic year we would head back to the library and return all the books. Any extreme damages to the books would have the student pay a fee for a new book that we would be ordered as a replacement. This system not only decreased the expenses for the parents but also taught us, as students and the future generation, to know how to take care of items and most importantly taught us that even we, as teenagers, were doing a tiny little bit to better the environment by reusing resources. Today many schools are looking into digital books, which is yet to be seen what the repercussions may be in terms of children spending so much time in front of screens.

Many teachers are taught that they must gain respect from their students and be the authority figure. Although true, the approach is however flawed. In most cases teachers act more as sergeants where they students are soldiers that must abide their orders. In some countries things go so far as kids and teens being prescribed strong psychiatric drugs if the teachers and school think a child may be too active or hard to handle and will automatically find a syndrome to label the child. The countries have also given schools the right to refuse to teach a child unless they take their medication. Any sort of medication, especially if not needed, can cause a lot of harm to anyone, especially a child that is still developing. Instead of focusing on understanding the child and seeing what leads to their actions, they are put under medication which does not solve the problem but numbs them, in order for it to be easier for teachers to handle them. What easier way to keep the next generation in check if not make them all the same? Then we all wonder how a child is capable of picking up a weapon and causing a mass stabbing or shooting incident at school. There are many ways of gaining respect and trust from students, while also becoming an authority figure. One of such ways is the means of understanding every student individually, knowing what motivates them and adjusting to them, which will eventually lead to the student trusting and respecting the adult.

From my own experience, I was lucky enough to experience two completely different schooling systems. For 7 years I faced the first type of system, where teachers did not even bother to understand students, but rather just waltzed in and demanded respect having done nothing to gain it. For 2 years, during my high school period, I had the unique opportunity to study in a school where the majority of teachers took the second approach. They were no longer seen as demanding figures of authority which see students as little machines which must agree and abide their rules. They saw students as humans and most importantly, acknowledged and understood each student’s individuality. In those 2 years, I not only began to love to study but they were the 7 years in which most of my self discovery took place. My teachers taught me to embrace my passion, helped me work on things which I found difficulty in and eventually I developed more in 2 years than I did in the 7 years in my previous school.

I do not blame the teachers for their ways, as some only do as they were taught, others may want to do things differently, but the system doesn’t allow them, whilst others simply lack resources to make things work differently. I do however think the system is flawed, in terms of its perfection to set tight rules for both students and teachers, making sure no one asks questions but simply abides by the rules. To avoid having adults and the future generation to think for themselves. It is hard to have control over a mass when the mass doesn’t follow blindly, but every individual thinks for themselves.

Schools are like factories and I felt that mostly when I spent 7 years in a school with a uniform. The school used to say that a uniform is to make us equal, however it seemed to symbolize something very different to me. I didn’t see equality in the uniform, because truth be told, there was none behind closed doors, especially when a few got certain privileges because of their parents. In some countries you can find cases where privileges cross right over to bribes and favors from the parents to the school or teachers, where their child is helped during exams or even given the material before the exam that they simply have to memorize to pass.

I saw the roots of social boxes where everyone had to look the same. as well as act and think in a certain way. Like in the army. Students all dressed the same, thinking the same, without having their own identity or individual views. The entire group resemble small parts of a bigger machine. In this case, the machine being society. The uniform did not reflect equality but was a reminder that you as an individual, did not matter and your only duty was to fall in line just like the rest and not dare question what was being told to you. A reminder that you should simply accept that which is given to you and be grateful. You should not let your mind wonder because there is a system at play and without it we would all be doomed. Brainwashing 1 on 1 from a young age if you ask me.

Back when I was a kid, as well as today, I still cringe every time I hear someone ask a child ‘Who is your role model?’ or ‘Who do you want to be like when you grow up?’ or ‘Who do you look up to?’ Why should a child have to want to be like someone else? I honestly had no answer back then, as I don’t have one now. Simple questions like that automatically programme children to focus on the success of another and to want to be like them, judging only by their successes, which is an impossible goal. No one teaches kids about the backstage process of a person, but only highlights their spotlight moment. Kids grow wanting to be like someone when in reality they should want to look forward to discovering their own passions and see what they are capable of.

Today, kids have other issues to deal with, social media and social scores. Childhood should be all about discovery and enjoying those years before real life kicks in, but nowadays kids are worried about their online popularity and how many likes they get, and think that less likes means they are not good enough. The situation with children and teens in regard to social media is a reflection of every adult and the effects of these made up social circles that people invented to divide people within a society. On kids it is being seen more evidently as it’s something that has been happening so fast and kids take it harder as they don’t have the understanding that social media is just another structure created to get people hooked on it and have it control their lives.

Once primary and secondary school is done and dusted, the young and crisp generation is struck with the real ways of how the world works. They are now represented with tertiary education which in many countries has become to resemble less of an educational institution to teach and train the youths that are the future of that country, but more of an elite circle for the privileged. This was done simply by raising the prices for education so high that people could simply not afford it. The cost is explained and accepted by society as ‘you want the best quality, then be ready to pay for it’. Many meet the requirements with flying colours and unless they manage to get a full scholarship, they have to go and hope that they will be given a loan to cover their costs. The costs of education make sure to keep people in debt for years to follow.

Surely education does not have to be free, but the least these institutions can do is not inflate the cost of the education out of nowhere, and possibly find alternative strategies which will lower the existing costs to make the institute more approachable for the youth.

This educational system has made many turn away from tertiary education all together and head out and work, for which they also get judgmental remarks thrown at them and automatically get labelled and placed in a separate social box. It is truly sad to see how society is narrowing down the options for their own future generation purely out of greed. The knowledge one gains in the educational institutions can be self-taught by means of simply buying books and searching for information online.

Today we no longer need to go somewhere to have access to information. However, the educational system is not only about the information that is written, read and rephrased. That is only 20% of what the youth learn. The remaining 80% is something books and the internet can’t teach you. It’s about self discovery, learning to think for yourself whilst adapting acquired knowledge as a basis for your thoughts and most importantly, learning to not simply repeat and rephrase what you learnt just to pass a test, but acquire the skill to be able to use the knowledge gained. The ability to train the students and motivate them to think in a lateral way instead of a vertical way. In the real world, no one is going to care which theories you can rephrase, but what they will care about is the solutions you can come up with, and for that a person needs to train their minds to think outside the box and most importantly, to not be afraid for think for themselves.

After my high school years, I went to university and unfortunately found myself back in the first educational system. In less than 3 months I was completely demotivated to a point where I only attended lectures where the lecturers took attendance and marks would be deducted if you didn’t attend the classes. I was back in the environment where all you had to do was read and re-write what people wrote. There was no room for self-taught and using those theories as basis to your own vision. Even during my exams and my finals, there was zero space for discovery. All answers were based 40% on the actual knowledge, 60% percent on knowing what that specific lecturer wants to hear.

These exams seem to be testing a student’s memory and even their smarts on reading people and writing the information they know the examiner wants to hear by appealing to their own preferences and by no way do the exams actually test what the student actually knows and understands. In order to test that, the student has to be able to think for themselves and use acquire knowledge as a basis as to why they came up with that thought. This kind of testing would actually get students to think and not simply repeat.

Nationality and Race

Let’s start with one of the main topics that divide nations; ethnicity, nationality and race. Human beings are the only animal that could possibly turn on their own using those factors as excuses. How is it that in the 21st century this is still an issue? Has life gotten pretty good for people with all the world’s problems being solved and the only thing we can occupy our time with is picking on each other’s ancestry and skin colour, or do those in power want to keep us occupied by giving us something to fight about?

On the topic of nationalities, one thing to point out is, while people walk proudly announcing their nationality and claim to be 100% or pure blooded, science has proven that there isn’t a single person on this planet that is a pure blood. Just because your parents are one nationality, does not make your genetic makeup stem from just that nationality which is written on a paper. Science has played its cards and has broken the illusional structure that divided people by their so-called nationality status.

Advances in genetics is allowing scientists to not only study the people of today, but on the basis of our genes, they are able to go back in time and identify how people moved across the world, as well as tracking down the beginning of our existence. The Mitochondrial Eve which is the genetic makeup which is only passed on from females to females and is used to trace the matrilineal descendance all the way to the first woman. The Y-chromosomal Adam which is the genetic makeup which is only passed on from males to males and is used to trace the patrilineal descendance all the way to the first man. Genetic research also shows that the religious Adam and Eve were not the first man and woman when looked at the timeline, but rather they were just 1 man and 1 woman out of many during that time.

Research has shown that blood group O is the oldest blood group and is present in all humans. Group A, B and AB became present in our history at a much later date. The rhesus factor, whether it’s positive or negative, is only evident in humans. Other species do have blood types; however, no other specie has a negative rhesus factor. An interesting discovery was made when scientists tested the Egyptian mummies to find out that all were rhesus negative. Seeing how no other being on earth has the absence of the rhesus factor leads history towards the theory that a negative rhesus factor is not part of evolution, but a result of gene manipulation.

The hieroglyphics found in the pyramids in Egypt depict images of gene manipulation of not only humans but even experiments which led to half human half animal beings, something also mentioned in myths and legends. Images of various kinds of space crafts are also depicted, clearly showing that those we refer to as aliens not only exist but used to (if not still are) visit the Earth frequently. The ancient Egyptians used to bury only the top-ranking members of their society in sarcophaguses, while normal people were buried in a pit in the desert. However, where did the idea of a sarcophagus even come from? Researchers believe that the burial sarcophaguses were imitations of preservation chambers used by a different species, that were way more advanced than humans back then and humans today.

We currently do not have such technology, however sci fi films do show the idea of similar chambers in films with the storyline of people travelling an extensive amount of time in space and for them not to die before their arrival, they are placed in life supporting chambers. They had knowledge and abilities beyond normal humans so were seen as gods it is also the roots of polytheism comes from. People don’t normally come up with grand ideas, but rather imitate something they have come across. During World War 2 planes flew over a remote island in the South Pacific of Australia. These planes would deliver food and supplies to the islanders. These islanders, who never saw planes before that time, began to believe that these planes were brought to them by a god. They even built a replica of the plane from sticks in a way to honor this god and in hopes for this god to send them more supplies. This may sound a little ridiculous to us, but people haven’t changed all that much today from those from the past. When we see something, which is out of our current understanding, we automatically, as did the islanders, consider it as something godly. The people of the past, same as the islanders could have simply be replicating advanced technologies in hope that these top-ranking members of society would one day rise, as those beings that would use life support chambers for long distance travel and preservation.

Although many believe that the people of today are evolved and some even go so far as to think we are the smartest beings in the universe, facts prove otherwise. Facts of evolved species, or whom we refer to as aliens, coming to earth are everywhere. Evidence is present not only in remains and structures but also in our own biology.

I have nothing against cultures, in fact I love travelling and exploring countries and discovering cultural heritages. With the rise of the internet and today’s society, where a lot of people travel and mix, traditions seem to be not as cherished as they were in the past. This is probably why it’s so important for us to learn about them while there is still a trace of them and before they simply become myths. To me culture and traditions are important as in them we find the historical roots of the people. Regardless how obscene a tradition may seem to us, traditions carry glimpses of the bare truth of the people from the past. Traditions carry pieces of history related not to those who were given a social status to be written about in books, but about those whom people don’t write about. Ironically it is also these people that together, make the society what is was back then.

Some may choose to follow certain cultural clichés, and they can’t be blamed. Although it is not something that is passed to us by genetics, it is however something that may have been taught to us from the day we were born by those closest to us. This hits the topic of nature vs. nurture, which I believe both play a more or less, of an equal balance on an individual. Indeed, we are born with certain traits that probably will remain with us, however from the moment we are born, we are also taught and told things which seep deep into who we are and how we see life. Everyone is free to choose whether they want to follow cultural clichés or not, however it may become dangerous when those clichés place your true self secondary to what society dictates.


Following government comes religion. Both walk hand in hand especially in countries where religion is a big part of the society. What the government can’t get through with laws and promises, religion gladly passes on with the means of something which doesn’t need much action or even facts. It plays on people’s faith and gets the job done.

Religion and faith, although people attempted to identify the two as the same, are two completely different things. Faith is indeed something sacred which is beyond us, yet religion is just another institute. It seems like the smartest creature of the planet, what we refer to as humans, still need an institution called religion to tell us what is right and wrong and dictates what shall happen to us in the afterlife if we do not abide by their rules. It is quite a selling pitch, if only anyone actually ever returned to us from the other side and told us whether the words religion is selling are actually true.

I am not saying there isn’t truth to religion, I’m just saying that the truth lays in a completely different interpretation. Every religion comes from a certain source, just as mythology, and every religion is a list of rules by which society must abide by. Essentially religion and mythology are records of the past, but each religion is far from being the ultimate truth on its own. Each religion is just one piece of a bigger puzzle. For those who want facts, there are plenty of facts out there just wanting to be discovered by you.

People call something which they can’t explain as a made-up story just because they judge from what they know. If you think that all religious scriptures can’t possibly be part of a bigger history because they were written not to have literal context but metaphorically, then try this out: Imagine you were to go back in time to 50 years ago and try explaining to someone what a tab is. It can be an iPad or a Samsung Tab, the brand doesn’t matter. Just think of what words you would use to try and make someone 50 years ago understand of what it is you are referring to. You would have a tough time trying to explain. People from the past did the best they could with what they had to save their knowledge and to describe the events of their time, so that we, from their future would be able to understand them. Indeed, the risk of us being a society which would take their efforts as mere fictions of the imagination was a possibility that they had to take, however they probably thought that we would be evolved enough to know that the ultimate truth is when we are to combine all the pieces together and not simply take one piece and claim it for truth.

Why would it be so far fetched to see that religious scriptures and mythology were simply writings of people from the past, trying to explain as best to their ability to what was happening around them. Next you are wondering but how is it possible that someone rose from the dead, or the sea divided in half or that there were beings that were half man, half animal, and you would definitely be asking the correct questions. In today’s world there is a lot that is told to us that it just is not real. Whilst religion tells people to have faith without any need of facts, science is constantly demanding facts. Facts are demanded, but many never reach society, however if you dig deep enough, with the help of the internet, you may just be able to find the facts you are looking for because not everyone follows the rules of keeping things quiet.

Going back to the Sumerian civilization and to the Anunnaki, who were a reptilian race that came from the planet Nibiru, who forged the Sumerian civilization and as some say, even played a role in the human evolution on a biologically level. Sumer dated back to around 4500 – 1900 BC and the civilization was progressed in just about every single field. Their history is currently still being studied as a lot of it was found on scripted tablets. However, from what has already been studied, the Sumerians although being polytheistic, a belief in many deities, worshipped Enki, the god of water, whose story is identical to that of Osiris, Egyptian god of life and the Christian Jesus, which means that Christianity is far from being original and is certainly very questionable. However, if you place belief aside, what is interesting is looking at religious scripts with a more logical view and an open mind.

Apart from control and power, the sources from which religions stem from, what was really happening during that time to have these figures become imbedded into people’s lives? Clearly, they were no children of a god, but what if they were beings which were simply more advanced than us and were capable of doing things which would seem as miracles to an ordinary person? Maybe we should look at religions and science together to get a clearer view of what is not being said but what is clearly being explained to us. I won’t go in too much detail covering every religion, as I will need a lot more than a few paragraphs, however every religion reflects vital moments of the people of that time and every rule stated on how people should live, also has a certain meaning behind it which relates to what was happening at that time and amongst those people.

Religion is a perfect tool to keep people in check. Humans are born with faith, which reminds us of our being. We look for faith all around when we should be looking deeper within ourselves, individually. People know that others seek this understanding and that is how religion became the perfect tool to manipulate that which we are born with, by giving us a tiny dose of understanding for us to hold onto, but never revealing the entire truth.

If religion was pure and real, there would not be the need to have so many religions, let alone rage wars in the name of their gods. Religion provides people with a false structure to which masses bow their heads to as religion unlike science, is not questioned on facts. No one demands any proof from religion and this social institution keeps the masses on a short leash by claiming to know what will happen to them after they are gone. No one has ever died and come back from the other side and yet they base their teachings on something written centuries ago. Truth be told, society needs to focus more on the mistakes that were made and are repeated in the present, in front of their eyes, rather than worrying about what rewards await them in the afterlife.


Faith is something that every person needs as much as a physical body and their mind. I’m not referring to religion. Faith and religion are two separate subjects. I am referring to faith of self, especially when life doesn’t go as planned. People spend their lives finding meaning to life and choosing a religion to find faith when in reality, faith is something we are born with, but may not acknowledge. It is the burning flame within us that whispers that we can get through a situation we can’t make sense of. It is the faith in ourselves that makes us accept certain moments that shape us into who we become.

In life there is only the guarantee of our beginning and our end. Everything in between is based on decisions we make when faced with situations. If life was neatly planned out and we were just walking on a road which has been paved for us, we wouldn’t need faith. Faith is what reminds us that regardless the situation we find ourselves in, we can pass through because life is not here to crush us, otherwise why go through the experience at all? Life is meant to be lived and having faith in oneself is not egoistic and nor is it out of pride. It is a whispering reminder that regardless what choice you make and which path you end up on, you are strong enough to face what awaits.

I was always someone who even at a young age saw no meaning to life if I didn’t have a glimpse of the meaning of life in general. I looked into different teachings to try make sense of it all. It is only when, completely by accident, I came across regression therapy that things started to make sense. I won’t go into the details of regression therapy in this post, however after many years there is one piece of advice I will give; don’t settle for what you are told. Look far and wide at everything there is out there that is related to faith and find the middle ground at which all the teachings meet. Find your faith for yourself.


Science, although seen to the public as the opposition to religion, plays by the same rules as religion. It mainly aims at those who may not give religion much interest and who demand facts. In most cases a society is usually split between religion and science, where some are inclined to listen to one, whilst the others prefer to listen to the other. Once again, governments make sure to have both religion and science playing into the game of control to make sure everyone is kept in check.

The idea of science not revealing all that has been discovered, or even that which science has been utterly wrong about, comes from the belief that the society is not ready for information, so therefore what is allowed for us to know, is filtered by people just like us that work in the field. Going back to people being the smart creatures, how is it that society allows certain people to dictate and decide what is too much for us, individually, to handle? Isn’t keeping the discoveries away from the public ultimately controlling us from making our own conclusions about the truth? And that is exactly the point. Governments make sure to filter out what is told to us and what is kept from us not because we can’t handle it, but because telling us the facts will cause a collapse in the perfect box styled structure that we are taught from our youth, the social institutions that we must follow and never question and the social boxes that each of us must fit into perfectly. Ultimately, without this illusional structure, the governments will lose control over the masses.

Truth be told, some people would possibly cause chaos if they were told the real facts which are hidden from the masses, but don’t we live in a state of chaos already? At least this would be justified, and people are many things, one of which is adaptable. People have learnt to adapt to circumstances and being told the truth instead of being fed sweet lies is worth that little extra touch of chaos, rather than us continuing living in a blind chaotic reality. Many people base their opinions from the information that is handed to them.

People in the 21st century still believe that we are the only intelligent species in the universe, even though our own human evolution and the timing of events has been put to question not that long ago. In 2009 news covered a story about the discovery of remains which indicate that humans left Africa and explored other parts of the world 800,000 years earlier than traditional human history states. Archaeologists found six ancient skeletons which date back to 1.8 million years, in Dmanisi, Georgia. Along with our wrong perception of our own human history, some actually think that we have natural evolved from apes, although that theory has been placed under question with the evidence that a person of today could not have evolved from an ape in the given amount of time, that there is a missing link which suggests there is a possibility that a process was set in motion that artificially sped up that natural process of evolution. This is also where the intervention of extraterrestrial life comes in, even though many still think there is no such a thing. This information may not be taught in schools or even pushed forward to the public, but if you dig deep enough you will certainly find the facts. Just because something is not publicized, does not mean it’s not true.

The media is another fantastic structure which is immensely filtered by the ones in power to make sure the content fed to the public is only that which won’t go in conflict to their grip on the mass. Human beings have not changed from the past and nor have their methods of revealing information. In the past theatre was used as a method to tell the general public about certain information which could not be told openly. The information was masked and passed through in the form of entertainment. Today nothing has changed. Film producers have produced films with a storyline which didn’t come out of nowhere. Steven Spielberg produced Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977 during which he appointed Josef Allen Hynek an American astronomer, professor, and ufologist as an advisor. Bob Balaban, who played the character of translator David Laughlin, wrote in his production diary the following phrase which was being spread amongst the cast during filming; “that the film is part of the necessary training that the human race must go through in order to accept an actual landing”.

It would not be the first time in history that entertainment and arts were used to send a direct message in disguise. Of course, the majority of the population watched the film with popcorn and called it a day and never even bothered to question the motives further. I don’t blame them. We are not taught to think for ourselves. Schools teach us structures to live by and not to question, but just because we are fed that, does not make it entirely true. Just because we are handed a structure and certain information to be taken in and not questioned does not mean we will be lost if we question it or that we are not allowed to question it and should simply take it in as a fact. It is only when you distance yourself and put your views aside to take a good look around everything, can you get a clear view of the entire picture.

Society takes credit for inventions done by others, as though those inventions place the entire society on a few steps higher on the development ladder. I still remember the hype when genetic modification came into being, how the concept seemed to out of this world to many, it wasn’t so new for me. I came across the term and practice of gene modification when researching ancient civilizations. Many people disregard the concept of past civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria and others. Looking back to the topic of scientists discovering how people moved across the world through our genetic makeup, new evidence not only shows how we are all connected but also stands for evidence to the existence of civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as the locations of those continents. Both civilizations, till now mark the beginning and the roots of the human beginning.

Moreover, they disregard the idea that those civilizations being way more progressed than us, and whilst we see the wonder in genetically modifying food, they were mixing their genes with the first humanoids (some say that the first humanoids are who we refer to as the American Bigfoot, Canada’s Sasquatch, Nepal’s Yeti, Australia’s Yowie or Indonesia’s Orang Pendek today, of whose existence many call a myth), to create us. And when their experiment with us wasn’t enough, they even mixed our genes with animals to create half man half animals (centaurs, minotaur, etc. as mentioned in the myths and legends). None of this information is from thin air. Scripts were written, the information was passed down in the form of myths and legends and even the ancient pyramids have all this information calligraphed on their walls, and yet people still don’t believe.

In terms of what we call discoveries, those who look into the existence of extraterrestrial life and beings which are extensively more evolved than we are, also look into the possibility that those things we call discoveries are actually given to us by those who are more developed to us. This idea of knowledge being present somewhere which can be accessed by whoever seeks it, has been looked at by great philosophers back in ancient Greece. And to this theory there is some ground as it is not the first time that several people around the world made an ‘invention’ at the same time with no knowledge of one another or each other’s work. I am referring to days when there wasn’t the internet or even phones. When one person would get the credit for an invention and after some time evidence would arise to show that another person or people, across the world came up with the same invention around the same time. This would make a lot of sense if the initial idea was placed out there somewhere and it just happens to be that several people, with no contact or knowledge of one another, got the chance to tap into that idea and evolve it.

Another piece of history many consider a legend is the existence of giants. Seen how giants were only mentioned in myths and legends, people of today write them off as an over creative mind of those in the past. However, recent discoveries are placing the existence of giants more towards an actual fact from the past rather than a made-up story. Skeletal remains of giants have been found in China, America, Ecuador, Georgia and many others.

Ancient Egypt and ancient Greece spoke of gods, which many believe to be those same beings that were simply way more advanced than the normal man and only seemed as gods as they had abilities and knowledge beyond the man of that time. Demigods or Nephilim were children that were born from a human and that being, since our DNA consisted of a mix with theirs, on a genetic level humans were capable of give life to a child from them. The negative rhesus factor also appeared in our history very suddenly and unlike in other species, which once again suggests that it was introduced by someone. The pharaohs buried in ancient Egypt, all had a negative rhesus factor and it is suggested that the pharaohs were in fact descendants of the demigods that once roamed the earth. And yet with all this knowledge and facts that are being discovered, many people don’t accept it. Some say it is lack of facts, although truth be told there are plenty of facts to go around, all you need to do is open your eyes and see the connections. Others may simply be taking it personally, because understanding and accepting that we are simply an experiment and nothing that we have ‘invented’ is actually an invention, but as a matter of fact is something which we rediscovered, may simply be just too much to handle for oneself.

Either way, discovering and understanding our past is what can help us avoid the mistakes that were done which led to a wipe out and a clean slate. With our current ‘progression’ we are actually walking in the same footsteps of those in the past, and if we are not careful, our ego and greed, as did theirs, will be the end of us all.

Another interesting discovery that wasn’t covered by media as much as it should have been, was around the experiment which lasted for 10 years and was done by nuclear scientists who worked with a hydrogen atom, which is also a proton. During the experiment they observed how the proton particle decreased and then became its original size. At first, the scientists thought it must have been a mistake, but finally it was discovered that the proton had decreased by 4%. For those wondering what this all means, this discovery shows that the density of matter has changed. This is also linked to what many spoke of as a new dimension in which the laws of physics as we knew them no longer apply. This change has been mentioned in ancient times as you all remember the whole drama in 2012 surrounding the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar never spoke of the end of the world as the vision which was sold to the public, but rather the end of a cycle. For those who are interested, there are many research papers by researchers who studied the Mayan calendar in great detail that explain that the planet itself, together which all creations has its on life cycle and the world takes on grand changes when developing from one level to the next. In 2012, was the final change for the planet, by which it went through a quantum transition and entered a new dimension which is much lighter to the previous one.

Another piece of information which was constantly mentioned to us is that our planet is headed towards the direction of a Black Hole. This topic has gone quiet for a while, however new information is out there. Scientists discovered that the Black Hole is no longer where it previously was, and instead of it there was another object which was named Magnetar. This star spreads a liquid magnetic field. The first record of the Magnetar was in March 2014 and was seen lit up in blue in May 2014. If you’re thinking it’s a myth because news did not cover the story, then remind yourself that the news is just another controlled structure and just because something isn’t headlining doesn’t mean it didn’t really happen. There is plenty of information out there if you truly want to make heads and tails of what is real and what is fake. With given information constantly being filtered and handed over on a silver platter, if you want the truth then be prepared to search for it. And even in your search, don’t think you will find a story full of facts and neatly presented to you. Truth is a combination of bits of facts, questioning not what is said but what is not and a touch of common sense and imagination. We will never have all the facts in the world we live in today, however for now at least, the search for truth has not been limited to us, yet.

The Truth – Religion and Science

The truth lies somewhere it the depths of the essence of religion infused together with the unspoken facts from science. You need to change the perspective from which you see all that religion says and all that science does not provide, in order to see the bigger picture. Both religion and science carry pieces of the puzzle that make the ultimate truth.

The glue that binds the puzzle pieces given to us by religion and science, is our individual imagination and logic. It is like a broken vase which you try to glue back together. The vase will never be perfect as before it was broken, nor does it have to be. Once you glue all the pieces together, it will be the closest to how it was prior to breaking, which will give you a good idea of how the real thing was, even with the breaks and rough surface.

For those who place their understanding of reality into the hands of just religion are just as blind as those who disregard religion and place their understanding into the hands of science. Science will never provide you with all the facts, not because they don’t have them but because it is easier to control society when society doesn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle to be able to build the puzzle themselves.

Both however, are also spread by people, therefore the words and facts which are given to the public are also filtered, interpreted and controlled by people. For religion, you get stories which do not come from the ultimate source and are recollections of what is said was done and said. In science, you get partial facts which are vetted and discussed on whether to be released. Both have one thing in common, people being in charge of knowledge that is given out to the mass as well as the method in which the information is revealed.

If you are wondering why and for whom it is important to make sure to limit the information given to the public, well it’s for those in power. They know very well that if everything was given to the public, it would first cause chaos, followed by a total loss of control. If all findings and knowledge that they have was open to everyone, their illusional structures by which we are taught, from a young age to focus our lives around, would crumble. The rich would no longer be able to make money off everyone else, the government would lose all its control over their nations, money would probably lose its value, wars would be absolutely useless, religion would lose it hold on society and people wake up to the reality that the majority of what they were told was the truth, was simply a tiny pieces of an entire puzzle which was taken out of context and misinterpreted as the ultimate truth.


The medical sphere has become more of a money maker rather than a place to cure the sick. Like all structures, the medical field is a pyramid where those at the top set the rules and everyone follows.

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Pharmaceutical companies are a pure money-making business which was placed in concrete by John D Rockefeller whose main industry at the time was oil. In the 1900, scientists found that oil can be used to produce all sorts of chemicals and this is called petrochemicals. John D Rockefeller instantly found another source of income which would be tapping into the medical field. At that time, his biggest competition was the practice of the use of natural and herbal medicine. Long story short, he used the classic problem-reaction-solution approach, in which with the help of his friend Andrew Carnegie a scheme was mapped. This involved the Carnegie Foundation which sent Abraham Flexner to travel across the country and eventually write a report regarding the medical colleges and hospitals in the country.

The Flexner Report concluded that there were too many medical schools and institutions as well as too many doctors that were trained and suggested the need to revamp and centralize the medical institutions. The revamping was aimed at not only the merger of some schools and closure of others, but also to push aside the practice of homeopathy and natural medicine, which gave a clean path with no obstructions for the introduction of the newly founded Big Pharma, behind which John D Rockefeller stood. This new system certainly needed some transition as well as making sure that everyone was in check, so John D Rockefeller gave over $100 million to hospitals, colleges, institutions and to the General Education Board (GEB), a philanthropic front group, to make sure that everyone was aiming at the same goal and it was business as usual. This became the beginning of today’s pharmaceutical business where doctors have a pill for everything.

We are still suffering from the change of mentally to distrust natural medication and homeopathy, although it was the means of medication many years before our modern medicine came into being. Nature provides an antidote to every condition and illness we have. We may have mocked and turned away from this sort of treatment, but the cures are there. It is a means of keeping the balance.

Another issue is that we may not have found the natural cure, as we were so focused on the medication provided to us by pharmaceutical companies in recent years. Although, it seems like we are slowly going back towards using what nature has provided to us rather than what huge companies are trying to sell to us to make a buck, as recent studies show that even some pharmaceutical companies are moving away from antibiotics due to the antibiotic resistance patients have and are looking towards methods of treatment that existed prior. This new development does not root from the companies caring for the wellbeing of their patients, but rather from a profit fueled aspect. You can’t make money from a product which is ineffective on the consumer. Without a doubt they will find ways to make profits with these methods, such as keeping prices high, but from the two existing evils, maybe this one is not too bad.

Today a lot of people are suffering from antibiotic resistance. Many different causes have led to this and now scientists are finding new measures to deal with these issues. Their new approach, or shall I say an old approach which was left on the shelf to collect dust as pharmaceutical companies pocketed their incomes, is the use of Bacteriophages. I won’t be going in a lot of detail in this post, as Bacteriophages deserves an entire separate post to it. Bacteriophages are types of viruses that cause no harm to the human as their food source is bacteria, which means patients suffering from bacterial infections, especially chronic bacterial infections for which the patient would have taken several different types of medication which have no effect on the infection, bacteriophages have the ability to destroy the bacteria found in the patient’s body without causing harm to the patient.

Currently, bacteriophage treatment is quite cheap, however more and more pharmaceutical companies are looking towards this 100-year-old method of treatment, which means that the cost of this treatment would probably rise sufficiently, as history has taught us that pharmaceutical companies are more concerned with profits rather than long term solutions for health.

Very often patients get prescribed medications for long term intake and even to take throughout their lives. Recent research in genetics shows that there is a specific enzyme that in encoded in a gene (CYP2D6) which acts on many prescription medications. CYP2D6 is a member of the Cytochrome P450 and is one of the enzymes which are important for the metabolism of xenobiotics (chemicals which are found in the body which are not naturally present or produced by the body). A genetic test will give a clear picture on the state of the enzyme and therefore will allow the doctor to know in great detail as to how your body will break down the medication and what exact dosage you specifically need. For instance; if a patient responds normally to a normal dose than their CYP2D6 is normal, whilst if a normal dose is given to a patient who shows ineffective results or may be showing signs of an overdose, then their CYP2D6 may be lacking the functioning alleles or may have copies of alleles. This is not something doctors can predict beforehand and can only be seen from a genotyping.

This knowledge is very important to have for those who take medication for a long amount of time, especially in the areas such as psychiatry, where long term medication also needs a certain amount of time to show its full effects. If a patient is given the wrong medication in such cases, their bodies may reject that medication even when the dose is properly adjusted which will force them to switch to a different medication, not to mention that the patient would not be feeling well at all if they are taking the wrong dosage for weeks and months. There are some institutions and clinics that make sure to run this genotyping before giving any patients any long-term prescriptions, as they are aware that that type of medication is serious on the chemistry of the body and each patient needs a thorough individual evaluation, including a genotyping test to make sure they cater the dosage specifically for the biological makeup of that patient.

Another approach that was taken in the past to make money out of thin air in this industry is referred to as disease mongering. This concept is based on conceiving people who are not ill and those who are slightly ill, that they are ill. The strategy is referred to as the corporate construction of disease and it is run by those who know that they can make a lot of money from simply telling people that they are ill and having them buy unnecessary products. Pharmaceutical companies take part in this by actively promoting and sponsoring products to their prescribers and consumers.

One prime example was in 1879 and the invention of Listerine. It was originally used as a surgical antiseptic and later modified into a concentrated form and sold as a floor cleaner and also as a treatment against gonorrhea. By 1895, it was a product being sold to dentists for oral care and in 1914, became the first mouthwash sold over the counter. In the 1920s, the cure was found, however the disease was missing, and this is when halitosis was born. Advertisers quickly jumped to promote Listerine as a cure for halitosis, which they said sufferers ended up diminishing their chances in their careers, marriage and even in their romantic life. The trick was to make sure to inflate the severity of halitosis to the rate of pathology, which if customers would not manage, it would lead to problems in their personal happiness and success. Suddenly people all over America became sufferers of halitosis as profits rose from customers buying out Listerine. Halitosis today is a technical term that refers to bad breath.

“Do no harm”, seems to be a phrase that those in the health field only said once in their lives and forgot all about it instantly. It is hard to believe that this phrase crosses the minds of those working in the health sector when they have a patient come in and the question which decides the patient’s health is not what they are suffering from, but if they have insurance. The health institute does not want people to be healthy, you can’t make money out of healthy people. Chemotherapy kills more patients than cancer itself and it alone is too much of a money maker that even if the institution already has a cure for cancer, it can’t possibly say no to chemotherapy for patients, because cured patients don’t keep their pockets full. This is a business and does not look at patients as people, but rather as money makers.

People are very trusting towards medical practitioners as they automatically think that someone who has a medical degree knows everything there is to know about medicine and if the patient has no knowledge on the subject they are that much more open to trusting someone who does. It is important to keep in mind that doctors, although carrying a degree on a subject you may not have knowledge on, are also humans and they make mistakes. It is not intentional, but it is important to know that it does happen. Another thing to keep in mind is that doctors, as all humans, individually have individual ways of assessing a situation.

Many doctors who specialize in a specific field would not have the in-depth knowledge of another specialty, as well as in rare cases you may come across doctors that prescribe medication for the symptoms but not the underlying cause of the symptoms. No doctor willingly wants to misdiagnose a patient, that works against them as they may face a very real scenario of losing their license. However, you should listen to your body and seek second and third opinions from specialists if you feel that the initial doctor may have no found the root problem. Doctors do the best they can with the knowledge they have, however it is up to you to make sure to cover all the basis and look at all the existing options, after all it is your body.


A lot of talk has been going around the food that we eat and what it is that we are to face or are already facing as a result to our food. First off is the meat industry which year after year looks more at money rather than the state of the meat. The horrible states in which animals are kept and treated, the injected antibiotics and hormones, are horrible on all levels, including the human selfish level that we are the ones that end up with everything that gets given to the animals and ends up in our system. The meat industry is a huge industry but placing aside the moral aspect of whether we should even be eating meat, surely the state in which meat is produced should a concern to not only non-meat eaters but especially be an interest to meat eaters as they are the ones who will be consuming the product. People truly believe that they have some upper hand and power over the other creatures that roam this planet, and yet they seem to neglect the fact that being superior means that you are also responsible for those you consider to be inferior. Just because people have decided to be in charge, does not mean they need to treatment other beings, as well as their own, as items.

Our developed civilization not only failed to show compassion and some sort of respect towards other beings and our own specie, but we also fail miserably with crops and plants. Whilst we find antibiotics and hormones in meat, our crops and plants are genetically modified and saturated with pesticides. Certain pesticides such as Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane or DDT, has been linked to cancer formation and slowing down an infant’s neurodevelopment. Tests showed that DDT remains in the body for years and can be passed on to the infant while still growing and developing, as well as post birth through the mother’s milk.

Some farmers go so far to save costs as to water the plantation with sewage water from humans, which is a generous return of all the toxicity that our bodies get rid of, to return to us through the crops and plants we buy from these farmers.

It is no wonder that the rate of people with food intolerances and allergies has grown over the past few years. While producers are looking for cheaper ways of production and using questionable and dangerous means to lower their costs, consumers end up eating food which resembles more of a petri dish with bacteria, viruses and other contaminants which cause harm to our bodies in the short term and we are yet to see what this will result in the long run.

Due to the rate of increased food intolerances and allergies, I would suggest for anyone who may have any signs of discomfort after a meal, to take the prick test and get tested for any intolerances or allegories.

A food allergy will cause your immune system to react in a certain way which will affect numerous organs in the body. A food intolerance is generally less severe and is mainly concentrated on the digestive system. It is quite a serious topic at the moment, and some mild cases are manageable, whilst full blown out allergies need to be known about.

The more informed you are about your body, the better equipped you are with not having to go through unnecessary discomfort. Symptoms of intolerances and allergies can be very mild as well as severe and even life threatening. Some of symptoms of intolerances are: nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, rapid breathing, headache, migraine, nervousness or irritability, diarrhea, burning sensations on the skin, tightness across the face and chest, breathing problems (asthma-like symptoms) and other allergy-like reactions.

Allergies may manifests the following: itching, burning and swelling around the mouth, swelling of face or eyes, runny nose, skin rash (eczema), hives (urticaria – skin becomes red and raised), diarrhea, abdominal cramps, breathing difficulties, including wheezing and asthma, vomiting and nausea.

Parts of the body that can be affected by an allergic reaction:

  • Eyes – itching and watering.
  • Nose – stuffiness, sneezing, running.
  • Mouth – itching, swelling.
  • Throat – swelling.
  • Digestive system – stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Skin – rashes, such as hives (urticaria) or atopic dermatitis.
  • Lungs – wheeze, cough, asthma, more common in children than adults.
  • Central nervous system – headache, irritability, fatigue, convulsions.


There is one solution that can end the conflict and control, and that would be unlimited source of energy. Nikola Tesla had found the solution and today many companies are continuing that path. Yet no government is investing themselves into this. They would rather invest into nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction which we would all suffer from, even though no amount of money or a family will save anyone if the earth will become a wasteland. Unlimited energy would mean they would lose the control and grip on their society. People are not thinking about the environment, even though it is the one aspect which can wipe us all out and it won’t care whose bank account is bigger. The rich people know of the dangers that our planet faces with the rate we are going, that is why they are investing into elite bunkers which are out on the market for the rich who can afford them, as a backup plan in case the world goes to hell.

The leaders are too busy bringing out the rulers and measuring each other up to care about their society or the future of us all. With today’s progress in technology we are having more and more options that allow us to become independent from the government and large businesses, in an environmentally friendly living space with self sufficient water collection systems and off the grid energy supply.

Any government that thought for the future of their country in the matter of the environment would have started utilizing these new technologies in their countries and would have made strict rules about construction to follow environmentally friendly conditions. They would push people towards these technologies which may seem more expensive today but will disintegrate their future costs. The excuse of cost is also slowly disappearing, as every day new technologies are invented that bring costs down. In reality it’s all about the fact that others won’t be making money as they always did, and governments would lose their grip over people if they were to have self sustainable businesses and homes.

Some examples of some recent technology are the following:

Forget solar panels, when today there is a new technology which mechanically follows, rotates and changes direction towards the maximum amount of solar energy.

With the birth of 3D printing, our lives have changed, and most people don’t even suspect to what lengths. ICON focuses on the construction of homes using not traditional material as we are used to, but a 3D printer that doesn’t build, but prints your house.

On average, in the USA, the costs of building a home is about $237,000, ICON can build a home for about $59,000. That same home would take 3 to 6 months to complete, but with ICON’s method of construction, it takes about 2 days. ICON isn’t only revolutionizing and breaking the traditional ways of construction, but are already working with New Story which is a non-profit. Together they are looking to help those families in poor communities and to be able to give them a home.

Project Milestone is a project that is aimed at building the first five habitable homes using a 3D printer. These homes will be located in the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

There are many companies that are focusing on Eco Homes. Some are looking into the materials they use whilst others are aiming at off the grid living. Some of such companies are the following:

Although a little of a morbid topic, but it is still worth looking at. The Capsula Mundi project by Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. They have created an alternative burial which is both eco friendly and pleasing to the eye. Biodegradable pods from which trees grow, turning what we currently have as a cemetery into a forest. Everyone has their own beliefs and rules on burial, however this new method seems to be a good alternative to the traditional burial rituals.

Truth be told, regardless individual opinions on death, once someone passes their burial is no matter to them. It is those who remain that face the costs, the emotional turmoil as well as having to visit their loved ones amongst others buried side by side to them. I think this project will not only serve the environment but is aimed to have lower costs than the average traditional burial method. It can also benefit people mentally and emotionally as they will no longer be visiting their loved ones in a cemetery, but will walk into a forest surrounded by trees. To some extent this may give them a different understanding towards death as they find themselves immersed in nature rather than surrounded by cold slabs. It may serve as a little reminder that even though someone is no longer there physically, their presence is still there.

Once again, death is something very personal and each person has their own understanding and a way to deal with it, however it is good to see that someone people are finding alternative methods, even for burials, which may help others face the difficult time in a different way.

Our reality: Chaos or Order

So looking at everything as a whole, are we really living in the total reality or are we simply living within structures that we are handed? Is humanity really developing and moving forward to something bright and pure, or are we simply walking proudly into our demise? Are we really changing the systems we have lived by for centuries, or are we simply repeating the same cycle of mistakes like those from the past, whom we read about in history books and nod our heads with judgement from side to side?

We are all participants and are to blame for playing into the game of division. Just look at sports and how insane fans get. They are not actually supporting a team for the team, but the team is more of a representation of their ego. If the team loses then they personally feel defeated, even though they didn’t do anything themselves to input into the teams work. Those who sit on the head of sports know this and turn a sport into their personal money maker, and directly making money off division. No one considers the pressure the athletes must perform under, nor their hard work and risks of injuries that can not only cost their careers but sometimes even their lives. Every individual demands a victory from a stranger to soothe their own ego, meanwhile not lifting a finger to input anything into that victory.

I remember the recent World Cup and how devastated supporters were. It was even comical to how low some went to act upon their loss. I didn’t follow all the games, except for those which had the traditional winning team against a team many were positive they were going to lose to. I ruled for the dark horse, the underdog and not because I follow football and I’m such a huge fan. Truth be told the more it grows in popularity, the less I have an interest in it. But even I, someone with no interest for the sport, sat down and watched the game where a traditional winner was playing against a team which many thought had no chances of winning. To me, that unlikely winner represented hope for change and a flicker of light that the traditional ways will come to an end and something new from hard work and determination will grow roots. As the underdog won, my heart filled with hope, as the game was a representation of our life and that with persistence and a real desire to refuse the illusional boxes, labels, walls and the structure of control, we have a chance at something new.

Following the World Cup, is the recent UFC 229 fight of Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Once I became acquainted with the cheap talk of Conor that was whispered to him but no other than Artem Lobov, I longed to watch this fight. Not for the men gossip which makes millions of viewers watch the fight, but because Conor was a representation of the majority of today’s society, whilst Khabib was a reminder that there is more to us than money making. Khabib, even though he has never lost, in a moral way is the underdog in this fight. When the day finally came, he no longer cared about the prize, even when Conor gave in, he was not satisfied. It was the basic human principles, or the lack of them that fueled him. Everyone says Conor is a genius in psychology in corrupting and destroying his opponents mentally, in that case he should brush up on psychology. He did not break his opponent, but added fuel into an engulfing firestorm. Conor finally realized just how wrong he was in round one, which led to his mid fight apology to Khabib by saying “it’s just business”.

UFC, just like other sports has nothing to do with the sport or athletes. Dana White attempted to give a poor explanation how Khabib’s actions after the fight were unacceptable and disrespectful towards the sport. A sport, which is active in the 21st century, which is really not all that different from the gladiators in ancient rome, except that they did it for survival and today they do it for millions. It is bottom feeders like Dana White who is the first person that has no respect towards the sport or the athletes. He allowed all this tension to brew with full disregard towards the athletes, knowing it will be good for business. This has nothing to do with the sport and all to do with cash. A good example of what the sport should look like, is the fight of Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis, both that deserve respect not only for their performance but most importantly because of the way they acted towards one another. Their fight was all about the sport.

It is at such moments that we are reminded we are first human beings and only later do we choose to go into business. Business and money should never erase our essence of being humans, and when it does, that is when we are in big trouble.

When I started blogging I found a temporary escape from the control structure that encapsulates society. It was a breath of fresh air, a chance to breathe and an opportunity to think and decide for myself. My interests are vast, with my main concern being the life we are headed towards. However, I understand that the structures will keep existing until people have had enough of it and their will for change will overcome their fear of change. That is why I choose to focus on little things instead, which allow me, for a short time, escape the reality by exploring and creating something creatively. Creativity helps me pick on the positivity and focus on it. It is not so much a denial of what is, but more of an internal search of peace. To be able to find something that is worth your time and makes breathing that much easier, in an environment which is suffocating with illusional values, carrying no weight and all made for the simple goal of mass control.

If you enjoy these type of topics, make sure to read on the “Rat Kings” that rule our world.

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