Our Reality: The Individual in Society

by Inna Kay

The Individual in Society

Our Reality: Accepting to walk blindly away from the truth Part 1

The Individual in Society is Part 1 of Our Reality: Accepting to walk blindly away from the truth – Life is truly an incredible and beautiful experience. If you were to think about it, your existence, you being who you are is a formula made up of countless elements, each of which had countless variations of which any one could have taken the place of that element. People don’t think about just how lucky they are to be given the chance at life until they are faced with death. I don’t blame them. Although life is truly amazing, humans make sure to make the experience bitter. We are given the opportunity to experience the essence of life, together with the good and the bad which can be out of our control, but we are also forced to live under a tombstone of what stands to be the human made-up structures which we misconceive as life. These structures are not life. They are mere limitations and tools which are used by a few to control the many.

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This is a topic I’ve been wanting to write even before I started blogging, only back then I kept this to myself but over the years it seems to have become more evident. It’s a pretty broad topic which actually comes down to a few basic principles, so I will begin by simply throwing this statement out there; it is truly disappointing to see that we, as humans, are choosing to concentrate our attention on distractions which are intentionally placed in front of us, solely to make sure we are all kept in check and our minds don’t linger into the depths of reality.

Take a look at people from all over the world. Each one believing and living by the rules that were taught to them in their families, schools, religious circles, community, and so on. Each living day in and day out, with certainty that their truth is the real truth. Every religion preaching that its words are the real truth. Each political party trying to sell their ideology as the way forward. In all this mess there are 2 things that come to mind; No truth and total division.

Truth in its essence is singular. There must be one single truth that brings together all these different views and opinions. Imagine truth being a picture puzzle of a thousand pieces, and every social institution is just one of those pieces. When all the pieces are looked at together, without personal judgement, you can get a glimpse of the final picture, but when you just stare at one piece, you are only seeing a tiny part of the bigger picture.

Content of the following blog post will cover the following topics

Individual in Society

Human being: a social animal

Humans are indeed social beings, but over time I think the term ‘social beings’ has been misinterpreted and misused. Today it is mainly seen as a term meaning to belong to a group and being unable to survive without that group. I think people are social beings from the understanding of oneself and finding others alike. Not having to make yourself fit into the existing boxes which are set by society and having others give value to your existence in terms of likes and a fan base. There are no boxes, or labels.

Every being is an entire universe all on its own, looking to find others that may share the same interests. And not for validity, but to be able to share thoughts, learn from one another and develop individually. Not to group up and separate themselves from the others by saying “this is us and that is them”. Every person has so many interests that one can’t just belong to one label, and yet society forces us to simplify our existence to just one label, as though it makes things easier for all. But it doesn’t make things easier, because by concentrating on one piece of an entire whole, you are deluding yourself and missing out on the entire picture.

Deep down a lot of people are fueled by self-discovery and the search for some understanding of what life is all about. They may not even be aware of it, however some are consciously on a path of self-discovery, which is the closest that they will ever be to the real picture. Truly understanding oneself helps get a better picture on what life is truly about, as we are all little reflections of the bigger picture.

Many even explore all corners of the world and decide to experience life for themselves. One thing I have noticed is that when a person travels into unfamiliar places, out of their comfort zone, without their social circles, they begin to see life and see themselves. They discover other people, cultures and history. And over time, they begin to notice that things are different but, in the end, everything stems from the same.


We are all human beings, living in a controlled structure, but when you get to the bottom of it, we are all alike. We are born and one day will die and only that which we choose to do in between those two moments, is what makes our life. Yes, some circumstances are out of our hands, but the way we react to them, understand them and accept them is entirely up to us. The way we choose to live and whether or not we decide to keep living under the controlled environment, is also up to us.


There is nothing wrong for thinking of one self in terms of self development. It is important to understand that self-development and becoming egoistical are two very different things, although many pretend like that line which divides them is pretty thin. When you concentrate of your own self development and discovery, it is an act for not only yourself but a positive input into the society surrounding you. Self discovery and self development are about being at peace with yourself, focusing your time on something which makes you grow as a human being and being happy with yourself. There is no place for greed or anger as you face yourself and acknowledge who you are, what your capabilities are and find peace within.

This acknowledgement of self, separates you from the constraints of society, however the society as a whole also benefits from individuals who know themselves, as they no longer have the invisible barriers of having to be accepted by strangers and the need to fit into a made-up box with a label. These individuals see things differently and most importantly, they are motivated to share with others. The act of sharing is not seen as a means to compete and bring out jealousy in others, but rather they understand that sharing something with others can lead to helping others, which in the end will result in more people unleashing themselves from social structures and truly discovering themselves, not through the eyes of others, but from self acknowledgement.

Egoism, on the other hand is the absolute opposite. It is about making yourself a magnet within society and making your self interest the centre of all, not to benefit others, but just to benefit yourself, regardless the cost. It is about seeing your worth in strangers’ eyes, being driven to be at the top of the illusional social structure pyramid. Egoism exists when the culture of competition is present, and competition can only exist in the case of dire survival or in the presence of structures which society chooses to be the scale by which ones value is measured by. Egoism is destructive and in the long term does not create progress. It is fueled by one taking more than one needs for themselves, with no room for compassion and no interest for the future of all.

The biggest problem with egoism is that whilst the individual is draining the shared resources for one’s gain, that which they take is not being replaced. If you were to imagine a bucket full of rocks being the society and resources, and one person comes along and quickly takes as many rocks as possible out of the bucket, holding them in their hands and filling their pockets, whilst trying to get away and hide those rocks in their little hiding place. Eventually, the bucket will end up empty, and if no one fills it, there will no longer be anything left for anyone to have. Nowadays, no one wants to fill that bucket because they know that there are those who sit and simply wait to take whatever is placed into that bucket. Egoism can only benefit one individual in the short term and leaves no path for productivity and development, not for that individual and certainly not for the society.

Today’s society is a materialistic one, fueled by individual ego. It could possibly be the result of the power structure we have today which resembles a pyramid, with a leader on the top and the mass of the population at the bottom. Each individual thinks of oneself and places their interests above everything and everyone else. Today people go so far as to even step over someone else if that is what it takes for them to benefit for themselves. There is enough blame to go around. The society accepts this trend we live in, as society willingly follows those who set the rules which happen to be the leader that the society chose to sit on top of the pyramid. Those in power made such a way of living acceptable as that is the first thing leaders do the moment they get the keys handed over to them and society follows by the leader’s example, with each individual acting in their own best interest rather than in the interest of everyone.

People say that this is how it’s always been, which is incorrect. Other structures also existed before, such as that of a tribal structure. Tribal structures with counsels had a very different focus and goal for the individual and society. Individuals did not focus on their own benefit but thought about the benefit of all. Their own benefit was linked to the benefit of the rest, as they knew that when each individual inputs something for all, the entire society benefits, and this will benefit them directly in the short and long term.

Social institutions

Our social institutions are what many believe to be the structure of society. Those that bring order, punishment, value and even some understanding of faith. If social institutions did all that, then we would not have division within one nation, which in the bigger picture brings us to division amongst countries.

Today we are told that without them there would be chaos, that we need them to survive. There is some limited truth to that. as in the past life was different, values were different and so were the people. These structures may have existed to give some sort of order and structure in everyday lives. Today, these same structures are present in a world which is very different to the world of the past. Values are different and so are the people. If you put your personal views aside and take a look at the situation not from where you stand, but from above, you will notice that social institutions exist for one reason, as a method of control.

Fear and the loss of self within society

Most people hold onto these made-up structures because we are taught that without them, we would lose ourselves. In reality, seeing these structures for what they truly are brings us that much closer to recognizing our true selves.

So many people feel lost because in one way or another they don’t fit perfectly into these made up boxes created by society and year in and year out, blame themselves and think that it is their fault. Seeing themselves as broken. But maybe it’s not about them being broken. It is the structures themselves that are outdated and aren’t suitable for today’s individuals, who need more from life than illusional walls, being told what to think, what to belief, strictly to colour within the lines and to never question or allow their minds to wonder about the bigger picture.

Individual opinions and society’s reaction

Those in power want society to be in conflict and society makes it so easy for them. All they need to do is bring attention to a certain matter, be it political, gender, religion and so on, and then they just sit back and watch how the mass begins to divide and fight one another. Keep in mind that every time someone voices their opinion about something, whether for or against it, they are automatically adding importance to the issue. Even even if the subject they are talking about is not important, it automatically becomes the highlight of the day. This system works so well to create conflict within society, as all it takes is for someone to create a situation where everyone happily bombards their opinions and something which was not an issue suddenly spreads like wildfire and becomes THE issue.

On a smaller scale the meaning of beauty and ‘perfection’ takes great advantage of this when promoting products to crowds. For instance, if a public figure points attention to their toned body followed by healthy tips, they are automatically sending the message that “unless you are healthy, you won’t look like this”, followed by the message of “this is the accepted form of beauty”. Both messages automatically place that public figure as an icon of ‘perfection’ and anyone who doesn’t look like them does not meet the criteria of ‘perfection’.

People concentrate on issues which have zero effect on the larger picture. They put so much energy by ganging up against one another on topics of race, ethnicity, gender, religion and so on, when at the end of the day these topics have no effect on the real issues that concern everyone. The real concerning issues have no preference on your skin colour, heritage, gender or your faith. Yet people spend so much of their time taking sides and creating conflict from thin air. And then when the group of people get the rights they fight for, they push the idea everywhere, adding more fuel to the fire of those who were against it, continuing the circle of hate. Creating division and amplifying hate whether you are against something or have won the battle for your side, is a never-ending circle, because as soon as one thing gets sorted, society quickly switches to the next issue at hand and the circle keeps going.

I am against the circle because this circle shouldn’t exist in the first place. We should not be concerned on picking at the choices of individuals or convincing others that they are wrong just because they may have a different view to that of our own. Variety and differences are what adds more angles and creates a wider view on things, which we are in a desperate need of. People shouldn’t have to justify and fight for being who they are. While society gangs up on individuals because they don’t fit the illusional perfect picture of that society, there are matters at play which affect all of us and are happening before our very eyes. It really won’t matter what skin colour you have, what gender you associate with and what your views and opinions are, if the land you stand on and the air you breathe are slowly killing you, because while you were busy pointing fingers at one another, those you call leaders, were busy destroying everything around you just to feed their ego and grow their bank accounts.

Social media has made it so easy for division and conflict to spread as today most people are just waiting to voice their opinion, disregarding the consequences of their words. Most times you question whether they care about this issue or if they simply want to voice themselves and possibly get others to agree with them to get that extra tap on the shoulder of their ego. It seems like most people are willing to jump at the opportunity to voice themselves, and yet when it comes to setting things in motion and doing something, they are usually nowhere to be found.

Compassion is another item that lacks in society today. If one had compassion, they wouldn’t jump to judge and spread hate. They would place themselves in another’s place or imagine a loved one in that position or would think of the repercussions on the future generations. Yet, compassion is thrown out the window when there is a chance to express your opinion as ego is in the driver’s seat. It is hard to blame the masses for choosing to say their opinions rather than hearing others and coming up with a solution, as they are allowing themselves to act the same way as those in power do, by giving their ego free reigns with no care for consequences.

The beginning of the social structures

Our society today, lives with the belief that the human being is in the center of life and that our structures are perfection and without them we would not have order. The roots of these structures date back to 10,000 years ago when agriculture, began all over the world. Agriculture and the cultivation of crops gave the people a choice of not just eating meat but to grow crops. Researchers have discovered that certain crops, which we still have today, seemed to have come out of nowhere. They managed to trace back different types of crops which were found in differents parts of the world, round about the same time. Today it is also said that the basic crop like corn, is not a crop that could have possibly come from the wild. It is a crop that can only survive if there is someone to harvest it. It is believed, by stories told within tribe societies, passed on from mouth to mouth, as well as the ancient astronaut theory, that crops, especially corn, is not a plant that is of this earth and was given to people by an extraterrestrial being.

Before 10,000 years ago, people lived by very different beliefs, ones that did not place the human being in the center of all, but as one of many beings that existed on the planet. Today, there are small groups of people who still carry on that way of thinking, where they understand that people are not in charge of the earth but rather the world is for all to share and the human being is just one of many species which shares the planet. Their understanding of life has not been damaged with our way of thinking, as they stay within their own small and closed groups, whilst the majority consider themselves to be in the center of all and see the resources of the planet, other species and even other human beings as tools to be used for their own gain.

Agriculture led to the beginning of business and social class. Trade began in form of the barter system which led to the concept of social class. People began dividing themselves between those who hunt and those who grow crops. Having crops gave the people an option to plan ahead and to store food, rather than the option of hunting for food and eating it in a short amount of time, otherwise it would go bad. Having solved the problem at hand of making sure that there was food for the long run, people also began looking into growing more than they need to trade it for other things. This development also gave space for other subdivisions within society, where those who did not hunt or grow crops found their own niches, for example providing the farmers and hunters with certain tools. Social class began, when people had more than they needed and those who had more than others were seen richer and had more power than the rest. The picture is very similar to the one of today. You would think a society in the 21st century would have developed a little further from that of 10,000 years ago.

The importance that is given to money is truly scary, which is also why it is one of the easiest tools in the box for governments to make things happen in their advantage. I have seen with my own two eyes; just how low people can go, just to get paid more. It almost feels like people think that they can buy their way into the sweet afterlife. What better way to distract people from what matters if not have them compete amongst each other by focusing their attention on how many cars one has or how fat is their pay cheque? Money and the trend for the rich and famous lifestyle has become the widest spread distraction, which has also made it so easy for those in power to control the masses. Today if you want people to obsess about something, you don’t even need to have a plan that is set years in advance. All you need to do is throw in a suggestion, sit back and watch as society will do the rest. Society will do the work for you and will make sure the word will spread and pick up pace amongst everyone.

The banking system and economy

For a very long time we had the banking system which started off as an option for society until it got a tighter grip and became a must in most countries. For the last few years, banks have been given so much power that you no longer can do simple transactions without giving the bank the War and Peace of explanations as to why you decided to transfer your money somewhere. Banks truly made life harder than it should be, however finally a new system has come to the market which will help us regain control over our own funds without having to be treated like criminals for wanting to spend the money we have earned.

Revolut is a mobile based account which gives you all the capabilities of a normal bank account, with one exception: you do not answer or need approval from a bank to make transactions. And as a bonus transactions are done instantly. You can opt for a normal visa or a premium visa card, as well as a virtual visa which some choose to use for any online payment. It is an extra method of security that if something goes wrong and you may wish to cancel the virtual card, your physical card will not be cancelled too. You are free to send and receive payments from other Revolut users by them simply finding you in their Revolut directory, or you can send them all your bank details of your Revolut account (IBAN, SWIFT, BIC, etc.), found on your profile section. You can also add funds into different currencies and as of recently, even have funds in cryptocurrencies. You have access to the live rates of currencies and can exchange between currencies instantly. There are many more functions that Revolut provides its user with and it is certainly a relief from the traditional banking systems we currently have.

It is yet to be seen how efficient this system will be in the future and whether governments will decide to simply take our personal information and track us like lab rats. However, for now, the system certainly gives a breath of fresh air when compared to the exhausting, unreliable and suffocating option of using the traditional bank.

Another recent trend is the decentralized cryptocurrency. Decentralized means that there is no authority that makes decisions, but instead there are several parties which make their own decisions independently. This means that if you want to make a transaction to someone, you can do so without having a million and one questions being asked by the middle person who holds the power to make a transaction happen. At the moment, the cryptocurrencies are quite unstable and unpredictable, however the system on which they are built on, certainly opens a door to a new way of living. This new structure is unlike the traditional structures of one person holding power over the many. It is aimed to give back the power to every individual to do with their resources as they seem fit. Consider it a sort of freedom, giving you control and power over that which you have earned without social institutions trying to have a say as to what you can and cannot do with your own funds.

Many governments are not too happy about the invention and progress of cryptocurrencies. Some are actively trying to ban the industry, whilst others are dipping their toes into the industry. Every cryptocurrency has a very specific structure by which they function, as well as an industry they are mainly aimed towards. There is also one cryptocurrency currently on the market which is preferred by banks and governments as it is not decentralized, and they can still get data on users and transactions.

Many tend to turn against cryptocurrency claiming that any transactions including criminal payments can also be made and cannot be tracked. Truth be told, criminal activities will always find a way to make their business work because the crime world is a resource to any government. Any true leader that wanted to create a better life for all would firstly try to eliminate the factor of division. As the phrase goes “we are stronger together than apart”, however unity is non-existent in most communities. Think about crime. Governments literally have all the resources of their entire country at their disposal. Do you believe that if the leaders really wanted to eliminate crime from society, they don’t have the power to do so? They certainly have the resources. But they don’t. Crime keeps society in check. Crime divides people into the good and the bad guys. People cannot imagine a life without crime because no government wants people to be at ease. Crime is the bad guy in the story and the government plays the good guy in the infamous battle of good vs. evil. The presence of crime is a constant reminder to society that things could be worse for them, meanwhile governments allow crime to spread and even earn from it both in terms of control and money.
Crime recently has been heavily linked to the allowance for citizens to own a firearm in some countries. The debate on whether one should own a gun for self-protection is a no brainer. Those chosen leaders should have the aim to have a country and society in which no citizen should find themselves in a situation of having to turn to weapons for protection. If the goal of the system was aimed to keep the peace and eliminate tension and division within society, then it has certainly failed its citizens.

Another recent development that will certainly change the lives as well as the structure we live in are smart contracts, which is also a decentralized system. Ethereum was the first to come up with this concept which is a protocol that digitally verifies, facilitates and enforces a certain action to complete an agreement. Imagine you have a will in the form of a smart contract and together with the deed to your estate. Once your will kicks in, accordingly to what is stated in your will, the deed to your estate will get transferred to the person you stated in your will. The routine is the same as it is today, except for one thing, there is no middleman in this process. In such a case, it won’t take months and never-ending fees to notaries, lawyers and clerks to get everything settled according to the will. Everything will get sorted in a matter of 3 days, and in the future possibly within hours. Now imagine if you can make any contract, be it personal or for business, to go as fast and without having to depend or pay the middleman to get the work done. The only person who oversees getting a contract completed is you.

All these new technological developments may seem as inventions to many, however the fuel that stands behind them is something many are familiar with; the will to get away from the structures of centralized power. The methods in which the idea has taken shape is surely one that stems from 21st century advances, however it is initially fueled with the need for change to the structure we live in.

Division within community

Society listens openly to all the things their governments say and never stop and question all the things governments don’t say. Within every society, governments make sure to keep their people divided; be it by using topics like politics, religion, gender, race, social class, education and so on. The leaders bait people with a topic and the people fall for the bait every time. The government knows that people can’t help themselves by to take sides and try proving to the other that they are right. Their ego can’t survive defeat.
Just look at how we speak to one another. People listen but don’t hear one another, as though they only listen to wait for the perfect moment to speak back. It is no surprise that they say wise people listen more and speak less. And whilst the people are dividing themselves into ‘them and us’ and are busy proving themselves right, they never stop and question anything beyond the current topic of conflict.

Society does a great job to play into the conflict game created by their leaders. The ones in power no longer need to introduce new social structures and social circles for society to divide themselves into “this is us and that is them”. Society does it all on their own, be it religion that divides them, or their economic status or even gender. Instead of individuals focusing on themselves, we are brought up thinking we must fit into some social box with a label on it.

The government wants people to be in conflict with one another. Between nations, labeling another nation as your enemy makes it that much easier to send off your people to get killed in the name of their country, but in reality, it is simply to feed their own ego. Within the nation, governments want there to be division because with people dividing and hating one another, people take sides and certain laws are easier to enforce and have people agree with them when there is a ready-made division and one side will, without a question, side with your new regulation.

Division within society is useful for governments because when people are focused on petty discussions like race, gender, religion, social class, political party and so on, people won’t have the time to question their government or even life in general and see the control structure mechanism for what it really is. Everyone is occupied to prove to their neighbor that they are the ones that are right when everyone is a mile in the opposite direction of being anywhere close to being right or even close to the truth. For those in power, they need people to focus on those petty conflicts because that’s what keeps people occupied.

There is a certain pattern that the government uses time and time again to direct the people towards something that they want to achieve but cannot bring about directly, as the people may not accept it. So, they device a plan of events which will result on a need for a solution and their initial plan will be presented as a solution which people will opt in for. For example, let’s look at the collection of personal information on every citizen. Governmental institutions work at such a horrible speed that people won’t think twice about having their documents done remotely to avoid wasting hours in queues. Then they are presented with a solution of having an online system which brings together all the departments under one roof, all you need to do is log in and in one platform you have access to all your personal details and sensitive information which will allow you to make transfers or fill out applications remotely. The crowd cheers.

I see the comfort of such a system. But what concerns me is that anyone with the right amount of programming skills can get into that system and have access to anyone’s information. Another thing that is even more concerning is that governments have all the details on everyone a click away. It really is like living in Big Brother. The government no longer even pretends to care to ask what you want as they have all the details and can pretty much track the patterns of the entire society, every individual becomes a little fish in an aquarium.

Now let’s take a look at social media. Social media platforms allow their users to sign up and fill out information, with users thinking that their information Is safe and signing up to the platforms is a harmless way to connect people. That was the perception until one of the largest social media platforms not leaked, but sold user data to third parties. The option to download your entire profile and all the information connected to your profile has been there since as long as I remember. I used it as an annual backup, since I sometimes lost original images which I had uploaded onto Facebook. But only recently have people found out that their personal information was being tracked and saved? To an extent I blame the users for putting so much trust into a huge business. People should know by now that anything put on the internet never gets deleted and gets stored somewhere and may easily be accessed and even sold to someone. So if you don’t want certain information to be out there, don’t put it out there yourself. 9% of users in America and one in twenty users in the UK closed their Facebook accounts after the entire Cambridge Analytic data scandal. I am surprised how quickly people went back to their normal lives, considering what actually happened and how personal data was simply sold off for someone to make more money.

The information that is feely shared by users has also created a digital advertising market, which has now forced the traditional advertising market to make dramatic changes in the way they advertise to the audience. Nowadays they can simply target specific people without targeting everyone which will decrease their costs at aiming content at everyone, by focusing on specific interests which are supplied by users free of charge. And we, the society do their work for them but freely and with ease giving out our information.

Now I get from a business point of view how this can be considered harmless. So, the adverts get aimed at the right population, what’s wrong with that? Nothing, but ads aren’t the only things that get promoted and targeted to certain sections of the populations. You can literally push forward anything, which makes this pretty dangerous especially when what is pushed across is incorrect or filtered content which does not tell the whole story but gives just enough detail to blindly make crowds follow an idea which is far from true or real. I think it is safe to say that one thing that people, especially those in power, have learnt, is to be masters of making a good thing to be used in wrong ways and for their own agenda. It should literally be the number one requirement for anyone to take on a power position.

If you enjoy these type of topics, make sure to Our Reality Part 2 as well as the article on the “Rat Kings” that rule the world.

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